From May 2015

Green Screen Photo Booth

When exploring the dynamic features of the recently released Photo Booth Upload, the best place to start is with the photo booth bread-and-butter: Green Screen.  Photo Booth Upload takes green screen to a whole new level with an easy-to-use interface and “Smart-Placement Technology” that automatically places the guest in the correct location so they can link arms with the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz or ride alongside Batman in the Batmobile.


All you need is a green screen, a DSLR camera, a JPEG to use as a background image and a PNG to use as an overlay and the software does the rest.  It’s simple to load in your images and you can even create more than one green screen set-up, so guests can choose between the Scarecrow or Batman.  Once your set-ups are created, you have full control over the keying threshold/color,  contrast/saturation, placement/size and can choose from a wide range of customizable photo filters for a final touch.

Green Screen

Maybe you’re a fan of green screen but you’re tired of still images and want to get your guests moving – no problem, just turn on Green Screen Video.  The set-up process is similar to Green Screen Photo but instead of a background JPEG, you upload a background video. You can even include an audio track if you want your guests to dance with a group of animated penguins.


Another option for movement would be to switch over to the Animated GIF option.  This also incorporates the green screen technologies so your guest can be magically transported to Oz or Gotham.  The settings allow you to choose how many photos you want to take and if you want the background to animate along with your guest, you can upload a different JPEG for each frame of the GIF.  You can adjust the look of your GIF by adjusting the frame rate and choose if you want to export it as a GIF or as a video, which of course the guest can then share on their social media platform of choice.

Photo Party upload launches New product in Las Vegas at the Photo Booth Expo

At the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Photo Party Upload released its coveted software Photo Booth Upload to the public for the first time ever.  This is a huge shift for the company, as this software was previously only available by buying a full Photo Party Station leaving photographers with their own booths no access to the full range of activations that Photo Booth Upload offers.  We were excited to announce this news earlier in the week and now that this software is out in the photo booth world, you may be asking – what’s so special about it?

photo party upload

Photo Booth Upload was developed and fine-tuned using feedback from hundreds of photo booth owners, so it is a robust and intuitive piece of software.  The front-facing interface is easy to navigate and the back-end is simple to personalize for your specific event.  Once installed, Photo Booth Upload provides you with a versatile range of activations – including cutting-edge light painting and morphing technologies that no other photo booth software on the market offers.


There are two sets of subscription options available for Photo Booth Upload: Basic and Pro.  The Basic package includes Green Screen, Animated GIF, Photo Strips, Slide Show, and Facial Recognition, while the Pro adds in Light Painting, Morphing, Slow Motion Video and Credit Card Swipe ability.  You can subscribe to either package weekly, annually or for life – your choice and all options come with free regular software updates and full customer support.  Both packages are fully integrated into Social Media so not only do you get access a wide range of dynamic features, you can also share your creations instantly.


Next time we’ll look at each feature in more detail and bring to life the full potential of this exciting, cutting-edge piece of software.  In the meantime, go to for more information.