Check out this Underwater Photo Booth

This is the first of its kind.  What a unique idea and service.



Imagine you’re posing for a selfie with three of your best friends at the coolest pool party any of you have ever been to.  You grab a pair of hilariously large sunglasses and your buddy dons a ridiculous wig.  Laughs break out; you gather them together in front of a snazzy photo booth and grab the remote and – click!  The moment is captured, the picture prints out, you dry your hands and share it on Facebook with the caption “best selfie ever #underwater”.  Yes that’s right – underwater!  LA Photo Party has launched the world’s very first underwater photo booth giving people the ability – for the first time ever – to capture the party that happens in as well as out of the water.

The booth itself is a beauty to behold.  Sleek black, it has a dome on the front that looks like something out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but instead of Captain Nemo peeking out, the lens of a Canon Rebel T3i is watching you.  Above that is a white disc that houses the water-illuminating flash and on top of the booth is a monitor so that guests can see themselves in all of their underwater glory.  From above, it may look like a metal arm reaching down into the water but once the guests jump in, a new exhilarating experience is awaiting them.  When they find their unique perfect pose, they just grab the floating remote and take the picture themselves before coming up for air.  Waiting for them above water is their picture, which they can immediately share on social media, text to themselves, or print out. The whole system is integrated into our unparalleled social media software.

All of the electronics and state-of-the-art technology of the Underwater Photo Booth is encased in a black box made of ocean-grade material so that the entire booth can be submerged in either salt-water or fresh-water.  This makes it ideal to be centerpiece at Vegas pool parties, Miami water parks, or on Caribbean cruise ships. We can’t wait to see what kind of adventures our newest photo booth inspires and what the future holds for underwater photo parties!

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