Learn How to get a Photo Booth For free

Keep seeing all these Groupon Photo Booth discounts at 50% off. How about on Living Social, Amazon Local or any other advertising site?

Want to know how to get a great reputable company at that same rate or even better? How about for FREE?

We have been providing Photo Booth Rentals for over 10 years. Every year the market changes. New companies come in with new technologies. Today’s Photo Booths are very socially connected which means 1 photo booth photo can reach thousands of people. How can this help you?

Well it depends on the kind of event you are having and if you are open to a small imprint of advertising. It is similar to how phone apps, softwares, websites etc are free to use with advertising and more costly without. If you are a school having a project grad, senior prop, school dance or other and wanted a photobooth, there are area companies who are looking to reach that age demographic and are willing to PAY for the Photo Booth to be at your schools event, in exchange for a small logo on the print such as how Toshiba is shown on this photo:

Photo Booth for ToshibaThe companies could be car dealerships such as Ford, clothing stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, the Army who is recruiting, etc. We have a whole variety of companies willing to take part and you can choose which one based on your guests interests. Maybe you are having a Sweet 16 or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We also provide buddy booking for events where advertising is not ideal such as Weddings. With buddybooking you can get a discounted rate by booking our Photo Booth or other Photography services along with a fellow friend who you know who is also getting married or having a similar need/want for an upcoming event.

Ask us about details at sales@scottrothevents.com or call us at 888-686-7573 

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