Photo Booth Enclosures provides a great solution for photo booth companies

CasesEnclosure 1

Our elegant enclosures & electronic cases will instantly transform the look of your new or existing photobooth company.  Don’t waste any more time & money struggling to build your own electronic cases or settling for tacky pipe & drape or pop-up tent enclosures. Make your photobooth company stand out from the crowd by offering your clients the most stylish, affordable, & easy to use enclosures & cases on the market.
Our enclosures are custom built to accommodate any new or existing electronic case set up. Comprised of high-grade aluminum poles and industrial strength fabric panels, they are sturdy, lightweight, and durable while providing an elegant look at any event. They set up quickly, are available in two convenient sizes, and can be printed with your company logo or custom artwork in full color as a valuable way to extend the marketing reach of your brand.
Our premium photobooth cases are professionally designed & built to be both sleek & durable while providing a unique set of key operational & security features. Our cases can be purchased either separately or with one of our elegant enclosures to create the ultimate turn-key photobooth solution.


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