Photo Booth Upload has some great features in their Photo Booth

Once you explore all the features available in the Basic package of Photo Booth Upload, it’s time to move onto the Pro package.   Hold onto your socks, because it’s time to look at Light Painting, Morphing and Slow Motion Video.


Light Painting is unlike anything else available in the photo booth market.  For this activation, you need a dark space (either a room where you have full control over the lighting or a blackout tent) and a few light painting props, aka light sabers (you can also use flashlights, LED wands or anything that lights up in the dark).  Photo Booth Upload is hooked up to a DSLR, which takes the photo using a long exposure, and a webcam, which gives you a live view so you and your guest can see the image come to life as it’s being created.  When you click the trigger, the flash fires but the shutter stays open.  All the guest has to do is stay still as you paint with light around them – the result will blow your socks off.

photo booth upload

Just as impressive is Photo Booth Upload’s Morph feature.  Ever wanted to see your face morph into Michael Jackson, Marylin Monroe or even your brother?  Well now you can.  To create your morph set-up, you can either upload an image of a face (such as a celebrity) or you can choose to morph between two guest photos.  All you have to do is adjust the size and placement of the photo and the software automatically maps out the distinguishing features on the guest’s face to match the eyes and mouth on image they will be morphing into.  The result is a smooth and hilarious morphing experience.  The feature can also incorporate the green screen technologies, allowing you to upload any background you wish, and gives you full control over the morphing speed, duration, and number of loops.  You can even add an audio track and branding to give the final video a fun soundtrack.


And to wrap it all up, we slow way down for Slow Motion Video.  Guests love the chance to see themselves in slow motion, especially for those people who have always wanted to recreate Rocky or Chariots of Fire.  You can either use a DSLR camera, which can shoot at up to 60 frames per second, or Photo Booth Upload can be hooked up to the Photo Party Station ActionCam, which can do up to 240 frames per second, providing for a much slower slo-mo experience.  The set-up process is very similar to Green Screen Video and you can even incorporate green screen into Slow Motion Video if you want, or you can shoot against a clean black or white background depending on your event.  Slow motion videos can be instantly branded, music added, then uploaded instantly onsite to the guest’s social media. In addition, using the Photo Party Upload app, guests can choose any frame from their video to print out instantly. Bring along some fun props (silly string always goes over well), upload an inspiring audio track, and you’re ready for an awesome slow-mo party!


Photo Booth Upload allows you to easily switch between these dynamic features and gives your guest unparalleled photo booth experiences.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to to find out how you can shove it up YOUR booth. Photo Booth Upload 2

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